Stake SMSF – Beta Terms and Conditions

Customers who join the StakeSMSF beta program must agree to additional conditions before they can access and use the service.

These additional conditions supplement the standard Stake SMSF Pty Ltd Terms and Conditions. 

Free First Year

If you set up your SMSF before 30 June 2022, no annual fees will be payable until July 2022 or later. Fees will apply from the second financial year onwards.

When you set up your SMSF during the BETA period, we will include the first year annual fees for the year ending 30 June 2022 (valued at $990).  Any setup fees or company trustee setup fees are paid personally and fully reimbursed from your SMSF. 

Beta Customer Conditions

  1. At least one member of the SMSF must be an existing Stake individual account holder;
  2. Only new SMSFs set up by Stake SMSF with a special purpose company trustee can enter the service during the beta period (no transfers of existing SMSFs and no SMSFs with individual trustees);
  3. New SMSFs set up can have one or two members only where the second member is the partner of the first;
  4. Upfront fees are paid to cover the establishment of the SMSF (including special purpose company trustee) and preparation of the accounts, tax return and SMSF audit for the first financial year;
  5. The upfront fees have to be reimbursed by the SMSF to the applicant once the SMSF is funded;
  6. The upfront fees are non-refundable (refer to our Refund Policy for further information);
  7. Investments are limited to the Stake platform only (currently US trading platform plus Macquarie CMA but subject to change) for StakeSMSF package;
  8. For compliance reasons all Stake trading account fundings must be via the Macquarie CMA or other AUD Wallet (no direct USD transfers);
  9. For customers where the SMSF becomes active (first deposit) after 1 July 2021, StakeSMSF will prepare the accounts and annual tax return for your SMSF for the year ending 30 June 2022 and arrange for the independent audit of the SMSF;
  10. For customers where their SMSF became active (first deposit) before 1 July 2021, StakeSMSF will prepare the 2021 SMSF accounts and return between 1 July 2021 and 28 February 2022 and on the anniversary of the establishment of the SMSF, fees for the 2022 financial year will become payable;
  11. Where your SMSF is set up before 30 June 2021, but no contributions or transfers (rollovers) are received until after 30 June 2021, SMSF accounts for 2021 will NOT be required and the year ending 30 June 2022 will be considered the first year of the SMSF;
  12. Fees for the 2022 and future financial years will also have a discount applied provided the SMSF still meets the conditions to be eligible for the lower StakeSMSF fee package (investments via the Stake platform only);
  13. All SMSFs pay an annual SMSF supervisory levy to the ATO of $259 per year when the SMSF tax return is lodged. This amount is double ($518) when the first SMSF tax return is lodged (due 28 February after the financial year the SMSF first becomes active);
  14. Your SMSF will pay an annual registration fee to ASIC of $56 for the trustee company (due on the anniversary of the company set up);
  15. If your SMSF invests outside of the Stake platform at any time additional fees will apply as per the StakeSMSF Schedule of Fees;
  16. As the investments available on the Stake platform expand these additions will be accommodated under the lower Stake SMSF fee package;

The StakeSMSF beta period will commence in April 2021 and run until at least 31 December 2021. The beta period may be extended beyond this date.

These Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with the StakeSMSF Beta Program Information.