Refund Policy

The following outlines our approach to issuing refunds to Stake SMSF customers who use our services to set up and manage their SMSF.


When you submit an application for us to establish a new SMSF on your behalf you are required to pay our set-up fee before we process your application. 

The set-up fee is used to pay a company registration fee ($512) to ASIC for your special purpose trustee company as well as the associated legal documents including the SMSF trust deed.

Stake SMSF cannot refund this upfront fee. 

The set-up fee can be reimbursed from your SMSF once your fund has received monies from super contributions or transfers of your existing super.

Upon payment of the set-up fee, we will register a trustee company for your fund and obtain the trust deed and other documents required to legally establish your SMSF.  The set-up fee you pay covers these costs.

If you decide after submitting your application and making payment that you do not wish to register your SMSF please notify us and we will not register your SMSF or we can cancel the ABN if the fund has not received any contributions or rollovers.

If the ATO does not accept the registration of your SMSF for any reason the set-up fee is still not refundable.  You will retain ownership of the SMSF trustee company that has been established on your behalf as well as associated legal documents. 

SMSF Ongoing Fees – Annual

Ongoing fees will be debited annually from your SMSF cash account on the earlier of the anniversary date of the set up of the fund or on completion of the annual accounts and SMSF tax return.

Stake SMSF will only refund this fee when:

  • A notification has been received in writing from the trustee(s) that the ongoing service is being terminated at least 30 days prior to the fee becoming payable; and
  • No financial accounts or SMSF annual return has been prepared for the financial year the fee relates to; and
  • No audit work has been performed for the financial year the fee relates to.

Stake SMSF is not liable for any tax, fees, levies or fines issued by the ATO or ASIC in regards to the SMSF or the trustee company of the SMSF.